31 October 2008

hey who's your favorite band

tell me about him/her/it/them.

i have a regular post morning ride to work ritual, in which i pour a 24 oz bottle of diet coke into a never-cleaned 10 oz glass and drink from it until i've made my way through the whole bottle. i don't know why, but this diet coke is really good. and if i try to drink one from the soda machine (vs from the breakfast truck), it's not the same.

do you think barack obama looks like he's aged about 10 years in the last 10 months? if john mccain did that he'd look like Methuselah.

I just typed Methuselah because it's a good sounding name, but then I looked him up on wikipedia and it turns out he's the oldest person of age mentioned in the Hebrew bible. He died at the age of 969.


davidbhuffman said...

Hi Mike. Hope all is well. I've been listening to Muse more than anything else. I'm voting for you tomorrow.

Mike said...


I had a Muse album. Muse confuse me. That is my stand on Muse. I hope I can count on your vote.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

Best Fwends on the speakers sometimes.

When I feel retarded.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

did you check out best fwends yet?