01 October 2008

now i will tell you about cars i'd like to own

this is some real shit right here:

jeep cherokee (any ol' year will do): I dig the jeep cherokee because it's a timeless piece of boxy design. any year would do, perhaps even one from 1921 with wooden wheels. jeep cherokee is awesome because it's named after indians. they should name all cars after groups of people, i think. new chevy caucasian. honda comptrollers. hyundai cripples. ford john mccain voters.

1971 porsche 911: i like all 911s, but this one in particular because of the way the blinker/parking lights meet up with those vents. I dunno. I dig it. Also I picture myself wearing leather gloves while driving this one. then later i kill a bunch of people and discard the leather gloves in a bush. sorry, i watched zodiac last night.

1983ish BMW M3: When I was a kid I liked a few cars in particular - the Mazda Miata (which I now own), any BMW 3 series, and the mercury zephyr. ok, i didn't like the zephyr, but i should have, because ZEPHYR. Anyway, the 1983 M3 is pretty cool, and someday I'd like to own one, and what's stopping me? NOTHING.

Chevy S-10 (1993ish? to whenever they killed it): For a while I had one of these on borrow from my Dad though even though that wasn't all that long ago, I don't remember why. In any case, it was basic transportation at it's most basic, and I kinda dug that. That whole basic transportation idea is kinda why I haven't cleaned my Miata in like 4-6 months. Because dust = basic. And because I like the idea of having a fun car and not giving a crap about it. Isn't that what America is all about? Having nice things and rubbing them in the face of the less fortunate? And while I'm at it, check out my house, homeless person. I DON'T EVEN VACUUM.

Ok, I vacuum. But I can stop any time I want to.

BMW Z3 (or M) COUPE: I think this is the most awesome car ever, because it's kinda like a station wagon, except it's not. And it's ugly in all the ways that I dig. And I'm going to buy one of these for sure. Some day. And then I'm going to ramp it off the Arch into the Mississippi, and then it'll turn into a submarine, and I'll blow up that stupid McDonald's boat, which I think isn't even there anymore.

that's enough for now.

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Brownie said...

That BMW Z3 looks like Ace and Gary's car.