01 October 2008


Just got this from Bicycle Garage:
Important Bicycling Announcement by Mayor Ballard on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008, 9:30am

I am pleased to announce a watershed event for bicycling - Mayor Ballard will soon have a press conference where he will announce his intention to make Indianapolis a bicycle friendly city and endorse the 4-phase bike lane plan for the City of Indianapolis. This plan, currently dubbed Indy Bikeways, will provide over 200 miles of bike lanes in Marion County over the next 15 years.

We want to make sure that as many cyclists as possible come to this event to show our support for the Indy Bikeways Plan! This is the best way to say thanks to Mayor Ballard for this endorsement and to assure him this is a popular decision among his constituents. His announcement will occur on Wednesday, Oct 15th at 9:30 am and will be held in the triangular park formed by the intersection of Mass Ave and Michigan Street (just north across the street from the Athenaeum). His announcement coincides with the start of the bike lane striping for New York and Michigan Streets. This project, along with the bike lanes on Allisonville Road, represents Phase 1 of the Indy Bikeways Plan.

More details will be provided as we close in on this important announcement but be sure to get it on your calendar now!


Jim said...

Great news.

Anonymous said...

I was at the first approving of the bike plan ceremony when mayor peterson gave his nod..a few years back. pick up the pace indy!!!