23 October 2008


Gina and I have a double tonight when we head up north to participate in the good beer show at Ram before we head over to old town ale house for a hoosier beer geek thing.

want to create a social life out of nothing? get into beer.

speaking of, i've got a lot at my house. pictures on the other side of this link.

i'm about due to host some folks from home at my house and maybe we can drink some?

who the hell reads this anymore? other than mark and dave. and my friends in tennessee.


Brownie said...

Do you have any Ski?

Mike said...

we are currently out of ski.

kmwinter said...

old town ale house up in fishers? you're going to be up in my neck of the woods.

Are you sure you want to venture that far into suburbia? some don't make it back out...

Anonymous said...

I'm still here. lurking. Like a Kevin Bacon stalker.