15 October 2008

death magnetic

so one thing i haven't covered here that's worth addressing is that i f'ing love the new metallica album, which is just about the best metallica album anyone could expect out of metallica at this point in their career. a return to the form of metallica pre-the black album.

anyway, for all us in that old highschool group, i'd highly recommend it. i wonder what brent thinks? i should call him. and does jim brown listen to music anymore? i played it for nate but he didn't say a whole lot..

anyway. yes. awesome.


Brownie said...

I don't know what music he listens to now, but I know he's fancy enough to be on the internets.


Anonymous said...

i've heard one song off that album and didn't like it. but i've heard conflicting opinions on the album as a whole.

In related musical news, I just picked up Shadows Fall - Threads of Life, and honestly, I think if Metallica (when they were their heaviest) came out TODAY, they would sound like this. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

hey, mark,

you suck.

(heart), your brother.