26 November 2007

hmm hmm

I asked about taking 2 months off work in 2009 for transamerica bike trip today... Boss seemed to be ok with the idea, but he said he wasn't sure what company policy would be there.

So... just gotta keep on it.

2 months for Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier route looks like it wouldn't be enough time - 4295 miles by 60 days would be 71.58 miles per day - completely doable, but when you figure in decompression and travel time to get to a start point, plus the obligatory post ride two day party... we'll...

The Southern Tier, on the other hand, 3159 miles, is 52.65 miles per day at 60 days... which would give a lot more time for doing a lot of loafing around - which would be a lot better, I think.

I like the Northern route better because it hits the North East - I haven't been up there at all. But maybe I can take a couple weeks next year and hit that stuff on a route from Indianapolis - might be a nice litmus test for the transamerica ride. That'd be like 1200 miles over two or so weeks... 85.71 miles per day. Fast paced, but maybe sustainable over two weeks. Dunno.

I wonder what Jon is thinking.

First I'll need a new bike, though.


Brownie said...

Maybe this would be a good bike:

I just happened to hit that site, but it's pretty cool if you have time to dig around.

Mike said...

i'm more fond of the Stu Thompson - I'd buy one if I could find one.

What's amazing about the Sigma (and the follow up bike who's name i forget - with even more plastic cladding) is how futuristic and amazing we thought they were when we were kids.

Brownie said...

The follow up was the Vortex. It was black and gray.
And I couldn't find the Stu Thompson, I looked for a little bit.