29 November 2007

On my dresser is a pile of cds that I've been meaning to get back to - Jeff Buckley's Grace, Jimi Hendrix's Axis Bold As Love, Wu Tang Forever, an Autechre album, something from REM, Kid A, and Tool's Aenima.

Today I pulled Aenima from the stack and listened to it on the way to work. It's pretty good but it's missing mids - it's like all bass and treble.

Well, this has been an exciting post, hasn't it? And now I'm going to bang my head against my desk.


Anonymous said...

Bang it to the rythym of idioteque.


Brownie said...

On my dresser is a - I don't even have a dresser. My myspace page does have some new pics of my boy and the toybox I just built for him for Christmas. It's very big. If you ever need to hide from the IRS, I think you and Gina can fit in it.