06 November 2008

let's make a list of things i said i was going to do and then didn't

1) join gym + hire trainer
2) custom bicycle
3) get my financialness financey
4) become the first black president

and this is just stuff that's still on my radar. remember when i said i was going to build a treehouse out of bananaskins? yeah, i totally dropped the ball there.

what else? let's make this post a tribute to my ongoing failure.


Brownie said...

You never changed that girl's tire last winter, or maybe it was the winter before.

That's still the funniest post you've ever had.

Mike said...

Well to be fair, I never said I was going to change it, I just said I could. So in that case, it's kinda like going to the moon - SURE, I could go to the moon. Am I going to go to the moon? Unlikely.

It's those dumb girls' faults for believing I looked like an astronaut.

By the way, here's a link to the repost of that story, which I wish was written better.

Anonymous said...

Travel around the world in a giant plastic orange. We never did that. So I guess I'm half to blame for that failure.

Jason266 said...

Turn Hoosier Beer Geek into a money making website, making us millionaire beer geeks. I'm so disappointed in you.

Mike said...

You're entirely to blame for the plastic orange trip, Debbie. I don't know anyone with a plastic orange we could borrow - and you're Plastic Orange Corporation CEO. So.

Mike said...

I never promised to make the site into a moneymaker - I said "funny quaker".

You just misheard me.

Mike said...

Ooh I've got a new one - biking coast to coast... reserving that much time that far ahead (a year or so) didn't seem to be something that work was all that interested in.

Brownie said...

My new thing to not get to is to take my dog through Support Dog Inc's Touch program so I can take her to hospitals as a therapy dog. I contacted them about it, but it's once a week for 12 weeks and I don't think I can get home to get her and get back to Westport for the classes. I may attain my goal of getting another dog though, the wife pretty much signed off on it when she held a 6 week old puppy.