05 October 2007

Futbol Tailgating

Gina and I have recently taken up tailgating with some friends from HBG - Week 1 saw the opening of the NFL season, an offer for tickets to the game ("This is the biggest game of the year besides the Patriots and you don't want tickets?"), and some fine food.

After having had such a good time the first time around, we decided to make it a regular event. We're still working on contributing somehow - it's always a little weird just showing up and eating everything, though I've been told it's ok. If you say so...

I suppose the odd thing is that we show up, eat, drink, and then go home, never watching the game. I just assume the Colts are going to win enough to make the playoffs, where I'll take up viewing. The NFL is too stop/start for my tastes.

This week, though - well, actually we weren't formally invited yet, but I'm showing up - the Colts game starts at 4:15, which coincides nicely with Fulham's match versus Portsmouth. For some stupid reason the networks haven't picked up that Fulham has a ton of American players, so of this month's run of games against opponents they should beat, this happens to be the only one on American television.

This pretty much kills me. I'm pretty attached now. Instead of watching, my options are watch a text recap of the game as it happens, or find the game streaming online... that's not very easy though.

Anyway, it'll be nice to tailgate for a game I have interest in. And maybe I'll do a shot of something and yell out "Fuck Pompy" instead of "Fuck the Bucs". It's tradition.

* * * * *

Remember when I was an RSL fan? Well, I'm still paying attention. RSL is out of the playoff picture now, which is only fitting since they're unbeaten in their last four (I think) games. I seem to remember them getting good at the end of last year, so I don't expect the success to carry over. They finally hired a GM to replace Steve - speaking of Steve, he's writing part of Fodor's guide to Yellowstone. I think it was Fodor's anyway. How do you go from MLS GM to Fodor's writer? He still hasn't really explained that.


Jonathan Schmitt said...

a tight blog entry

Steve P said...

I used to be a RSL fan, too. Whatever. I got some good inside scoop from John E yesterday... I'll have to throw it in a book some day. Not the Fodor's book - that's about bison and eagles and ermines - my RSL book.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. And I took a job in SLC. I'll be working for a company called Snow Lion Expeditions (www.snowlion.com) that, among other things, leads treks to Everest (base camp only).

Downward spiral? MLS GM -> Fodor's writer -> Sherpa.


Christopher Maples said...

There is never an official invite. You're just invited. What, do you think you're fucking special or something and need an invitation every time?!?