09 October 2007


I never made it to tailgating Sunday because I'm rockin' a cold, or maybe strep throat... I took off yesterday because my boss is headed to China and I didn't want to get him sick.

Instead of working I spent the day on the couch in a quilt burrito, watching Friday Night Lights season 1 and eating everything in sight. It maybe not feel like winter here, but I'm sure eating like it is.

Ok, I don't have anything interesting to say. The end.


Jason266 said...

Well, you didn't make it, but your cold sure did. I'm rocking it right now. Blech!

Christopher Maples said...

Oh, well, it was too hot to really tailgate anyway. We pretty much sat around drinking tequila, bitching about that it was too hot to tailgate, betting just how bad we're going to beat the Patriots, and determing who was going to be the Democratic nominee for President.

Besides, the next tailgating session is for the Patriots game, and that's going to be monster. We're starting at 8am (4:15 pm kickoff), and we're only doing Indiana things - Fried Turkey, corn, and pretty much anything fried, and only Indiana-made beer. It's the only game that we don't do the theme for the other team. Because we hate them so bad. And we'll be drunk.