18 October 2007

ridehorsey, roofing, and edward

Let's talk about "ridehorsey" again. For example, how would you pronounce ridehorsey? Is it ride horsey (two words)? Is it ridehorsey! (exclamation point)?

The exclamation point that ends up on the name on the site from time to time is sort of a joke - the joke being that putting an exclamation point on something makes it somehow more exciting, which we all know is generally not the case.

This reminds me of an old radio advert in St. Louis that went like this (just like you're about to read it): Hi-Fi. Fo-fum. Hi-fi-fo-fum, Exclamation point.

That's Hi-Fi Fo-Fum's tagline. Catchy, quick, and somehow unforgettable.

St. Louis had some catchy a few catchy ads - like this jingle (mp3) - "For a hole in your roof or a whole new roof..." which I just pulled from the html code of the Federic Roofing website. Try getting that out of your head - it's catchy, but somehow not annoying.

In Indy we get Broad Ripple Heating and Cooling's "Billy", a fake child character who harrasses everyone he knows about who they chose to work on their ducts.

And we've got Ed's mother, another poorly done voice, who thinks the world of her son Edward. Edward is so embarrassed he ends every commerical with "Oh Mom".

But as for jingles, or even taglines, I can't think of any that jump out for Indy. In fact, I'd say we've got a serious glut of jingles.

Of course I haven't forgotten "I am Indy", a sort of jingle propaganda campaign put forth by Gene Simmons and the Indy Racing League - but that's the worst kind of jingle: confusing, frightening, annoying, and (hopefully) forgettable.

So back to "ridehorsey". How do I think you should say it? I'd just say it's ridehorsey - one word, said very quickly and almost under your breath, like you're embarrassed to say it. That's how I've been saying it forever.


Jonathan Schmitt said...

thanks for the jingle... I often sing that one to myself for comfort...I might learn the guitar bit for fun....i had a root canal today

Mike said...

you know, when i downloaded it, for some reason I thought you'd appreciate it more than anyone else. Good on me.

Congrats on the root canal.

roofer st louis said...

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