15 October 2007


We got drunk at Tuxedo Park, some of us more than others. I got the hiccups and took a trip to the car to sleep them off. I'm a horrible drunk, and I'm going to start halving my consumptions. It's the only way.

Other than that... Gina and I ate at Cici's $6 pizza buffet last night. I was in the mood for death, and figured that a $6 pizza buffet was the hottest ticket. I was not incorrect - after eating like 5 plates of pizza, some of flavors I couldn't put a finger on (I did throw out one that honestly must have been "burnt plastic flavor"), I didn't eat again for the whole evening. That's truly rare. So I salute you, Cici - your pizza is truly horrible, but also truly wonderful. It's a crapenigma! Put that on the boxes.

I dunno. I should probably erase the whole weekend from my memory, really.

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