15 June 2010

all these people are dead anyway

today i stumbled across this.

as a result, this..

the event will feature lots of beer, tamales, burlesque bingo (probably), an old-timey strong man (probably), and more beer. since it's about half old-timey, i think the poster makes sense. i enjoy writing the small quips for each of us. be sure to click the image so you can actually read them.

the bit about hats at the bottom came out of nowhere. then i consulted wikipedia's hat entry to find some hat types. which is why they're in alphabetical order.

i wonder how they did this sort of thing way back then.


Mike said...

lotta typos on that thing.

Jim said...

I thought I was the only person who read Put This On.

I love the poster, especially if we have Burlesque Bingo and the old-timey strong man.

Mike said...

I used to read it, but every time I see a picture of Jessie Thorn I think "no way do I want advice on how to dress from this guy."

Then yesterday I started reading it again.

Mike said...

Man that thing needs some tweaking.