17 June 2009

the votes are in, and...

ok there aren't any votes. but there is this event, which will be the third time* we get a bunch of people together and drink. maybe even a couple hundred this time around.

Anyway, consider this poster above your invite - i'm looking at you, illinois residents (but not just illinois residents). I'll put you up. I just need a heads up that you're interested so I can get you on the VIP list or whatever. Tickets are supposed to be $25. We'll see how that goes. There might be a discount or something if you make that long drive. Details on the poster are correct apart from the time, which will be 6pm instead of 5pm.

I'd very much like for my friends to attend and see the sort of things we've accomplished with a little blog. I impress myself. Come be impressed with me.

*not actually the third time, just the third anniversary party. we're pretty good at putting together a crowd now.

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Ian Seniff said...


Hey this is Ian from portlandbeer.org. We had a discussion awhile back and I had to let you know that I have now tried every beer Three Floyd's offers since our last discussion. I must say it is good stuff and I am amazed it took me this long to try it. I had seen it around but I am often "judge a book by it's cover" and the packaging always turned me off. Anyway, I only had one disappointment and that was with the Drednaught. I am guessing it is because I had it in a 22 oz bomber that was probably shelved for way too long. Either that or I went in with way too high expectations thanks to its impressive rating on Beer Advocate. Anyway, thanks for the info.