22 June 2009

bikes might kill you #2

this morning as i rode to work in soupy wet conditions, a car passed on my left, then proceed to make a right turn in front of me.

cyclists are used to this sort of thing, enough that most call it "the right hook".

"that was stupid of him" i thought to myself quickly, knowing that if he had only waiting 10 seconds he could have just gone behind me and not cut me off.

and just as i was having that thought, the second car did the exact same thing - except this time i had to lock up my brakes, sliding the back wheel out sideways and narrowly missing a collision with the passenger's side door or quarter panel.

of course i went ballistic yelling, but that doesn't really do you any good.

in any case, a shot of adrenaline is a good way to wake up in the morning. idiots.

* * * * *

#1 would be a deer crash where i landed on the back of my head, in case you're wondering

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