14 June 2009

behold the magic of eurovision

Maybe the first or second night we were in Reykjavik we were out walking and noticed that there were parties going on everywhere. We found a place to eat and noticed that the staff were all tied to the television in the next room, cheering along at some sort of international contest. That contest was the Eurovision song contest, which pits nations against each other in the ultimate battle - the battle of pop music.

Here's 2006's winner, from Finland, introducing the 2007 contest. I have a feeling Rod and Jess might already have this album.

Here's Iceland's 2009 entry, which came in second..

And here's the 2009 winner, from Norway. The contestant, Alexander Rybak, is kinda what you might get if you combined Ricky Martin with Mickey Mouse. And yes, he always makes those faces.

Anyway. Although Iceland came in second, we later witnessed more than one car driving around town with their Iceland flags out the window, honking and celebrating.

We plan to introduce the Amero-vision Song Contest (featuring a song from every state) later this year.

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