06 April 2009


friday - work, mom arrives, deano's for supper/oberon/gumballhead/alpha king (note: alpha king tasted like unmixed kool-aid. did we have that same problem as dorman street?)

saturday - farmer's market (chicken acquired), goose the market, gray goat (mom bought a bike), creation cafe, fulham v liverpool (loss), italian sausage off the grill, late night cnn and missle launches from north korea, finished omnivore's dilemma (that's a winner)

sunday - long's donuts, borders, break adjustment, mom leaves, tour of flanders (kinda blah), three kings (netflix), bed, game over.

looking at the 5 million pound challenge, only because i read an article about metabolism last night, the challenge has a lot of small snack/meals, and my interest was piqued. worked for a coworker/cyclist...

haven't been working out at all. haven't been riding much. weight up about 5lbs. been eating a lot. hmm..


Kelly said...

we probably just missed you at Long's on Sunday. I had a craving that could not be denied.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

thanks for putting me on your right side

its early April...soon, the weather will help you along and all these "5 lbs" will melt away like lard in the skillet