22 January 2009


january is an evil month, because every january i manage to forget that a bunch of "surprise" costs are going to occur.

the homeowners dues i expect now, as well as christmas fallout.

what surprises me every year are the taxes due on my car (almost $300).

last night our furnace decided to not work. there's another bunch of dollars.

this on top of a recent spending spree for gym memberships and flights and a used flatscreen television and a different sattelite provider (and the associated costs) and an insurance deductable and a box of t-shirts means i am back to a kind of broke that i haven't experienced in quite some time. and i put a lot of this on my credit card, which WAS paid off not too long ago. stupid.

the worst part is that my tax return, which is like an extra special excuse to blow money on bicycles, has been spent already.


anyway, not complaining. just reminding for next year.

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Brant A. Zurliene said...


Just kidding. Unfortunately, for Audra and I it always happens late November early December, which makes Christmas difficult. It seems no matter how much we save up throughout the year, repairs and unexpected shit eat it up right before Christmas. Oh well, could be worse. I could not have anything to fix.