19 January 2009


friday good beer/bad-ok beer/blah beer
saturday gym/paged/fixed/trader joe's/the wrestler (good movie)
sunday fulham loss/chick pea ragout/sliced finger/bloooood/eating too much/football/yay kurt warner

get my car back today. my thumb is bandaged. damn unsharp knive + lack of any sort of knife skills.

sent an email to another bike guy. we'll see what happens.

unhappy with my weight loss, i adjust my off day diet. and i'll add an extra half hour on.

wondering what effect the 100 pushup challenge is having on weight loss. any? muscle gain? who knows?


Brant A. Zurliene said...

Like Tenacious D I prefer cock pushup. You can only do one, you know.

Brownie said...

Friday - hunting, -5 when I walked out in the morning. Didn't see anything, came home and packed all my stuff up. Ate fish from Aviston Legion and it was excellent as always.

Saturday - Jamie feeling pregnancy sick, Wyatt sick, my cousin came over and helped Jamie grade papers and watch Wyatt. Wyatt fell asleep, I went to Fairview to get the holster for my phone that they were out of when I got the phone on Thursday. I also stopped by Home Depot and burned a gift card on a laser level and roto-zip wood cutting bits. Hung out with Wyatt the rest of the day and made a pizza at the market for dinner.

Sunday - Everyone feeling better. Jamie went shopping and me and Wyatt visited the grandparents. Jamie came home and asked about dinner - the fire pager went off - false alarm at the assisted living center. CLEAN YOUR MICROWAVE.
Went to eat at Knotty's with the grandparents. Came home, dropped Jamie and Wyatt off and went to get gas. Pumped gas - the pager went off again, flew to the fire house in Jamie's car (no bluelight). This time it was the special home on 2nd street, piece of plastic fell in the dishwasher and landed on the heating element and melted. No damage, nobody hurt, huge adrenaline rush every time the pager goes off.

I start my fire fighter II/fire fighter III class this Thursday.

Brant A. Zurliene said...

Being on call can suck Big Donkey Balls sometimes.

Brownie said...

We're always on call for the fire department. I respond to every call I can make, which means when I'm not working.

Being on call for the department sure beats the hell out of when I used to have to be on call for work.

I couldn't blow through the four way and do 70 past ABJ when I was on call for work.