14 December 2008

the other kind of work

If I'm going to really make an effort to lose weight, going to the gym isn't enough. I've got to put my diet on a training schedule as well.

This isn't as easy as it may seem - I can eat well enough during the day, even with the limited fast foodish options I have. But coming home at 7:30 pm and having to make supper usually becomes a hassle when I've still got to work in a post-gym shower and some semblance of the kind of lazy I prefer when at home.

Or I can switch it up - eat a better meal at lunch at work, and then hit Taco Bell for something off the Fresco menu after the gym.

I know that's not really the best option, but I'm working on that.

On the weekend I can cook. I don't mind cooking at all, as long as it turns out. The picture above is a chickpea ragout from a recipe I picked up on a messageboard, and a orange/artichoke sauce from a lemon-artichoke chicken recipe in this month's Clean Eating.

As it turns out, the lemons I thought I had were oranges. I used them anyway, and it turned out pretty great.

So this is what I'll eat at work this week. And maybe for supper I'll have a salad. Or a fresco bean burrito.

* * * * *

The other pans are for brownies that Gina made to torment me with.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

Damn Mike that looks good.

Mike said...

yeah its all pretty good and only a minimal pain in the ass.