15 December 2008

2008 recap

it's a little early for this, but...

january i messed around with a atkins diet thing which was really stupid and i rode the bike
february my vacation plans for glacier national park were cancelled and i rode the bike
march i was bite by a dog, my brother had a baby, my knee started acting up when i rode the bike
april i appeared on an episode of Across Indiana and started rebuilding my old bicycle
may i had knee surgery, my xbox died, i was named a godfather, i started buying art, and i got back on the bike
june i watched euro 08, canceled my big bike ride, booked denver and the great american beer festival, and started bike commuting again.
july i drank every day for a week during Indiana beer week. and bike.
august i saw radiohead and my niece had open heart surgery that went well.
september i got lost on a 40 mile bike ride and ended up doing 75, i served on a jury, and my girlfriend broke her leg at rollerderby practice.
october i laughed at cubs fans again, spent a week in colorado visiting breweries and drinking, i floated the idea of writing a book with some friends, and i got some miles in on the bike.
november i visited schlafly in st. louis and they gave me a hundred or so dollars in free beer, i made a list of things i always talked about doing but didn't, and i joined the gym.
december i committed myself to bike racing in 2009.

no complaints. i could have done more with my vacation time, but i'm gonna fix that next year.

album of the year: metallica death magnetic? i dunno. this year sucked for music.

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Brant A. Zurliene said...

What about Clay Aikens new album. Not good enough for you huh?