12 February 2008

this is going to be the coolest thing to hit indianapolis since hoosier beer geek.

sorry portland. but you can afford to lose something this rad.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I just saw this and was like "whaaaaaaa!!" crazy. how'd we get that?


Mike said...

apparently the guy in charge is from indy - but it looks like the city just made the most sense from an affordability standpoint. he wanted to move the show out this way and we're right in the middle of a bunch of places, so...

anyway. rad.

this is out of nowhere, but do you know anyone that ride cyclocross?

Anonymous said...

Does this guy LIVE in indy or is just from indy? Either way, it IS a smart move...maybe second only to chicago.

i don't know many people that ride cross...but The Bike Line seems to be the place for them.