15 February 2008


i just got columbus crew/la galaxy tickets for october. by then beckham is guaranteed to be injured! at least i'll get to see ruud gullit. assuming he's not fired.


Jim said...

If anyone deserves to be fired by the Galaxy, it's Alexi Lalas.

Anonymous said...

I went to a crew game with Sedley a while back. He got drunk and screamed at an opposing goalie for half the game. Then he left me alone to go play with his buddies in The Legion. It was awesome.


Steve said...

I'm thinking even RSL might be better than Columbus this year... Did you actually pay for the tickets? :)

Mike said...

Unfortunately I've got no Columbus Crew free ticket hookup.. so I did indeed pay for tickets.

Crew's got Schellotto or however you spell that, and I like the building. It'll be worth it.