18 February 2008

you're a horrible person, and you didn't even know it.

We recently installed a new version of our antivirus/antispam suite at work, and in this piece of software are entire lists of sort of "banned" words that cause the sender or receipient of an email to get a message like:

"The server thinks you're a bad person because you're a RACIST and or you use PROFANITY and maybe you'd like to get some FUCKING MANNERS."

Anyway, these lists are quite humorous for the words included - words you never knew were offensive, but then again, you're probably white. So take that, you old NORDSTROM HANGER.

What would I do with that information?

My head might explode.

The worst part of the whole thing is chasing down the offensive emails - "I didn't get so and so and why?" and the next thing you know you're reading about someone's secret affair with god knows who. Well, that hasn't happened yet, but it could. And what would I DO WITH THAT INFORMATION? My head might explode.

I suggested sending out a warning to all parties - a message that basically says "hey, we're perfectly within our rights to read your email, and now we're going to actually be doing it" but it was met with apathy. I guess you should know better, YELLOW CAB.

Yellow cab? Seriously?


Jason266 said...

I can't open The Urban Dictionary because it is blocked at work, but it sounds like Yellow Cab is a very loose person. The only thing I could get is in Yahoo's search preview:

"Miko's a yellow cab, she screws someone different every night."

Mike said...

Hmm... I found Nordstrom Rack - which has something to do with "white women with fake breasts - Pam Anderson has a Nordstrom Rack"

No Nordstrom Hanger, though.

Brownie said...

I had a customer that insisted our spam filtering system was blocking their emails. The company is an IT recruiter and threatened to get his law department involved if we didn't fix the filter. I did some digging in the filter and told the guy that if he doesn't want his emails blocked, they should spell out Java Application Programmer instead of using JAP because I couldn't take it off the list.

Mike said...


That's funny.

Howz kid?

Brownie said...

Wyatt is super awesome. He laughs all the time and is constantly in cahoots with his trusty steed Molly. He'll be 6 months on Thursday, which is 29 years and 6 months younger than Jamie will be on Friday.