01 October 2007


friday night - hmm. oh. trader joe's, partipak liquors, kroger, then watched the car chase scenes in deathproof. gina did not enjoy them.

saturday - up fairly early for fulham/chelsea (a zero zero tie. not much to say.) then i forget what else. oh we went to target. i came back home, fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm, didn't wake until like 1 am. then i killed a couple hours online, did some reading, went to bed, woke at 11 am....

sunday - tailgating with hbg folks, back home to eat, watched 3:10 to yuma for $5 at southside Kerasotes theater. the movie was good until the end when it became very implausable. what'r you gonna do. home, video games, and found out radiohead is releasing their new album next week. i am, as usual, way too excited. they're releasing it online, for whatever price you want to pay. you want to pay $0? they'll give it to you. what a wonderfully inventive band.

that said, i paid $10. RESPECT. except the payment processing is a bit of a mess, i think. i sent an email to the folks behind the curtain - i've dealt with them before in getting concert tickets. there's only like two of them. anyway.

i was supposed to run my two-mile saturday (anxious to see my time - i think i'm running 8 minute miles now, which I believe is very very slow... it's gotta be. gotta start somewhere), but i fell asleep, and then yesterday i drank in the afternoon and was shot for anything involving movement. i was vegetative. lucky i stayed awake through the movie. so perhaps tonight? depends on rain.

haven't ridding a bike since last wednesday(?)

pickup soccer tomorrow. will kill me.

think i should move somewhere? got any suggestions? must be somewhere else in indy, or west of indy. i must admit the thought of collinsville having an mls team leads to thoughts of living in st. louis again. i suggested that i plan to retire to trenton someday (you know when i'm like 60) and gina vetoed. whatever. the world's gonna end in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Again, 8-minute miles are slow compared to what? Go a speed that allows you to finish and want to do it again. If you're running so hard that you dread going on a run, you're running too fast.

Mike said...

kevdogg, you've got me all wrong. i know 8 minutes is slow, and i intend to improve upon the effort. i've just got to get used to running first.

and i dread running at any speed, but i do it anyway because i enjoy eating and drinking beer enough that i'm willing to work for it.

though i do appreciate the attempted encouragement.