27 September 2007

Still not right.

Last night I took a break from watching The War, with a bike ride to the new and near home Dunkin' Donuts location* and around Camby, followed by a quick browsing of Quentin Jerome Tarantino's Deathproof (just the gorey car crashes and lap dances, really), followed up by Top Chef and then a couple episodes of Robot Chicken.

For those of you not familiar with Robot Chicken... well... what's wrong with you.

Anyway, after watching and for some reason laughing way more than I should at the car crashes in Deathproof, I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that the bit titled "Crazy Monkeys on Landmine Island" set me into an uncontrollable laughing fit...

And the clip isn't on youtube. Damnit. Though a search for "Monkey Landmine" did turn up this clip..


*For those of you reading from Illinois - was Dunkin' Donuts ever a big deal back home? I remember one in Fairview, but I don't recall it being a big deal... apparently Dunkin' Donuts is a big deal now. Though it may have something do to with cheap coffee

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