13 June 2012

over a month

since i'm keeping no secrets from work now, know that the restaurant space is currently in demolition mode.

in the meantime i'm having a pretty interesting time at work, in that i feel like i can say what i think a lot more freely - which basically means i can complain out loud.

they've been looking for my replacement since i announced i was leaving some two months ago. there have been a few folks in for interviews - folks whose hands i've shook - but apparently i am not so easy to replace. it's a tricky position in that i've now got a lot of experience programming in a language no one uses anymore, but i've also got networking and help desk and web design and patience... skills that don't generally come in one giant package. the next person will have to learn some part of that, but the trick, i'm guessing, is finding someone who at least has half of it. and that you'd want to share an office with.

i'm glad that it's taken a while, only because that means i'm not being chased out the door. my original timeline.. well, my second timeline said i'd leave june/july. i'm thinking august. it seems that even that is hopeful, as my original timeline said i'd be leaving where i'm at between halloween and thanksgiving of last year. and here we are.

i'm ok with that.

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