07 September 2010

week 5

so sunday we were supposed to start week 5 of the p90x thing, but sunday was john's wedding, so we missed out. yesterday was a holiday, giving us time to catch up, but instead we did a bunch of nothing.

last night i retook my measurements and weight and found that i'd made no progress whatsoever. i didn't expect much, to be honest, but i did expect something. gina took the same measurements and found the same results. i found that a little surprising because i thought i had noticed a difference.

in any case, i think that perhaps i haven't done enough, or committed myself enough, and as a result we're rededicating ourselves. at least that's the plan. i plan to get in more cardio, too, hopefully with a return to the bike (it's been over a month, actually, which is my longest dry stretch since i started, i think. even in winters i get on it at least once or twice a month).

so that's what's going on. pretty boring stuff.

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