21 September 2010


welcome back to the new and more exciting ridehorsey. we'll start being more exciting by telling you about how formulaic life has become. work/home/food/p90x or work/home/p90x/food with the occasional work/home/dining&beer. though last night the hbg folks (with a lot of help) put on a beer/cheese thing and raised $700 for some people in need. that was nice. and exciting on some level. i think.

but other than that it feels like buying time. buying time till november when gina and i are headed south for a week in hopes of seeing a shuttle launch. buying time till december when xmas rolls around and i someone run out of money. buying time until january when despite the fact that i always run out of money in january we'll be visiting jon in san francisco. buying time till january when i hope my credit card is forgotten and i can blow my entire tax return on the new bicycle. buying time until march when we visit florida to see my brother married. buying time until next year's great american beer festival. buying time until my car is paid off. buying time until we can get out of our house and move closer to where we spend our time socially. in a perfect world we live in something like this. with a garage and a basement. in fountain square, maybe. buying time until the dodge challenger r/t is a affordable used. (it's the latest thing from my childhood that i'm not obsessed over. if that's a mid or quarter life crisis than so be it.)

so we'll see. it's all very exciting.

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