30 October 2009

as seen in..


this weekend... well, let's start with right now. i checked weather.com last night, and it called for a 70% chance of rain at 6am.

i don't normally ride a bike to work if it's raining - if the forecast calls for afternoon rain, i'll usually ride, knowing that my wet clothes can dry out at home. but to put back on wet clothes at work (for the ride home) doesn't have much appeal for me.

but i recently picked up what is supposed to be the primo rain jacket for bicycling, thinking that i enjoy the ride so much (and hate traffic and driving home so much) that perhaps i'd rethink the riding in the morning rain thing.

anyway, 70% meant that i laid everything out last night: shoes, socks, (regular, not rain) pants, boots for over shoes (because wet shoes are a pain to dry out), jersey, coat, helmet cover, waterproof gloves... all of it laid out, ready to go.

and then i woke up this morning and it looked perfect outside - no rain at all. stupid weather.com...

anyway, i rode to work without all that stuff, because it's like 65 degrees out there, and that's really nice weather for a bike ride. i did bring a cheap little rain jacket for the ride home. and now it has rained.

i'm also riding my singlespeed miyata exclusively right now, just as a change of pace.

ANYWAY. this weekend could be action packed, with rollerderby tonight and halloween tomorrow and beer tappings and friends and all that good stuff. we'll see how it goes.


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