29 October 2009

good times!

I wrote this:
Gina is out of town right now, so you're stuck with me. Normally you'd get some sort of intro here - a story, a life lesson, something - but I'll just leave you with this. I may ride a bike to work, I might eat a decent amount of vegan foods, and I consider myself pretty open minded. But I hate hippies.
And got this email:
Seriously. Mike. Go fuck yourself. You hate hippies? Great, keep it to yourself.

I just returned from the Night of the Funk and Belgian Beer fest in Boston, as well as a week spent beer-touring in NYC.

So this hippie is telling you to go fuck yourself.

I'm sorry for the offensive language and tone, to anyone besides Mike that may see this, but really, you started me off on the wrong foot.

You may think youre at the top of the beer game around here, but i'm telling you, just because you think one way, doesn't mean everyone does.
Have some sense. Some fucking couth if you will.

If you want to build and maintain a loyal reader base, I would suggest that you not outright-offend your readers. Esepecially those that are more active
and passionate about beer than you.

we've been entered into this dumb contest. and someone wrote this about the beer blog:
I had never heard of this blog before and so I went and checked it. It is a huge cluster F*** of a site. Difficult to find anything, and the beer reviews are confusing, wordy, and contain random things that have nothing to do with the beer. What a crap blog
so it's been a good week.

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