22 September 2009

why mike, what have you been up to?

First off, I've got a bike for sale on ebay. So far, one bid. It's less money than I'd like to make off the bike, but I did set the minimum there. So it goes.

After that bike is sold, I have two options: pay down a credit card that has too much money on it, or buy a mountain bike. I think I'm leaning mountain bike. Even though that may be stupid.

What else.

John is leaving Casa de Atwood on October 5th, on his way to live in New York City.

My Spanish is not good.

What else.

Hoosier Beer Geek, that lovable group you may or may not be familiar with, is moving on to bigger and better things, including having a budget. Which will be nice, since we throw events. You may or may not have known that.

Also about a month ago we got a letter from a large beer company asking that we refrain from using our logo, which looked like theirs. Some would say that when the lawyers from multinational companies start contacting you, you've made the big time. I'd prefer to not see those letters. So... new logo? Ok, done. I can make logos.

That was the third anniversary logo great font debate sheet. Since we are now past the third anniversary, we've touched the logo up. Looks like this:

what you should know about the logo is that the lines through the lower half of the circle are meant to echo the design of a knight's facemask. The anniversary logo featured 3 candles (third anniversary), with the flame on the candle coming directly from the Indiana state flag. Look how clever I am. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Hmm... what else.

I have 6 days of vacation left, and no idea how to spend them. I might spend two of them in a tent in a park for lack of anything better to do.

Work is work. Biking there about 3-4 days a week now, I guess. Eating horrendous amounts of junk, maintaining a weight below 200 lbs.

I've taken up a habit of buying a pound of bacon from a local purveyor recently. I want to hang out with my old friends and their wives in a room with some nice drinks, fancy salamis and cheeses, grilled sausages, tasty breads, and we'll drink ourselves into nice conversations about god knows what. Getting old. Back pain. That damn economy. Health care.

Let's not talk about any of that. Let's talk about cars we're going to buy and drive fast. Let's talk about clubhouses. Let's talk about Colorado.


Mark said...

What brewing company's logo did the old logo resemble?
The new logo looks good.
On the clubhouse front, I may be staying in ours this year during hunting season since my cousin isn't hunting opening weekend - that's a big mistake. I may still stay at my uncle's place though because his heater is easier/quicker than our wood burning stove.
Hunting season is just around the corner. Hopefully I get one this year. Hunting the new ground.

Mike said...

I will not be mentioning breweries, nor will I be showing the old logo. Let's just say that the brewery is very very large and isn't based in St. Louis or Colorado.

Anonymous said...

I would be up for eating salamies, beer, and bacon. Oh and talking about fours and foam.

Mark, bow season begins in three days.... You should try that.

Farley and I are going to be in the Pope and Young this year.

Mark said...

Here's some pics from my trail camera. The camera is facing north. I'll be about 15 yards south of the camera.

Mike said...

I feel like taking pictures of deer you plan to kill and posting them on the internet is a whole new level of premeditation and i hope the deer judge put you away for a long time and throws away the deer key.

seriously though trail camera seems like cheating somehow.

also i need one of those "trail cameras" for my new tanning business so if you could hook me up with your supplier i'd appreciate it. thanks.

Mark said...

I paid $50 for the camera and $13 each for two 2 GB SD cards. I picked it all up at a hometown store by the name of Wal-Mart.