28 September 2009

hello weather

notes to self.

57-63 degrees and certainly windy this morning.
getup: helmet
twin six cap
rapha france jersey
pearl izumi bib knicker
pearl izumi socks
specialized shoes

when i got out to the garage my first thought was to go back in and get a coat. i actually went in and grabbed one before i changed my mind. it was cold to start but once i got going everything was fine. i think the cap helps a lot. i suppose i could have gone with full fingered gloves, but my hands never bothered me. long sleeves would have been ok but i woulda been more sweaty when i got to work. as it stood i just toweled off my head and was pretty much good to go.

this type of weather doesn't last long.

yesterday/sunday i did this:

it's a route i'm used to with a few quirks thrown in, including a half mile hill with an average of 7.9% climb - if you live anywhere but indiana that wouldn't be a big deal, but it nearly killed me. i worked through all my gears and was a little worried i was going to fall over on the bike, clipped in and lacking momentum.

anyway, didn't happen.

on the back side of the loop i bombed down a hill and hit 43.5 mph, which seemed fast until i remembered that mark cavendish can sprint that fast. maybe next time i'll spin out a gear and see if i can hit 50 or so. though that gets kinda scary...

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