06 July 2009

yesterday i called my mom and was like "hey what's going on?" and she's like "nothing" and i said "same here" and that's pretty much how things are going. i haven't been to trenton in what feels like ages, and i bet when i get back they will have built a couple new skyscrapers.

went to cincinnati w/ barb and dave this weekend and it rained a lot and it was just sorta uuuhhhhh

yesterday evening i decided i was tired of my jeans being tight so as of today i'm rededicating myself to extensive bicycle mileage. i have been riding to work but that's pretty much it - since i ride in a full-on kit (shorts and jersey and whatnot) i can just leave work at 4 and go for a longer ride instead of going home. that's the plan. so instead of 22.5 miles on commute days maybe i can get in 35 or 45 or whatever.

my knees make me nervous cuz they're sorta creaky and defective but they should be ok. whatever. if they're not i'm just gonna have them removed.

also i owe the hospital some money that i have but don't want to give them. i vote for free healthcare. taxes schmaxes.

lastly, john is moving out by the end of september, on his way to nyc. so there's that.


Mark said...

No new skyscrapers, but we do have a new fire truck.

Mike said...

does this fire truck have a ladder to reach the fires in the skyscrapers o' trenton? you might want to make a suggestion.

Mark said...

No, it's not a ladder truck. It has ladders on it, but not attached to the truck. It's got a 24' extension ladder which will get you high enough. If we need a full ladder truck, we call Lebanon.

steve pastorino said...

i think you should jump on the USA team handball bandwagon... it's a more ridiculous challenge than trying to build up a soccer team with a reactionary owner on the shores of the second saltiest lake in America... but it's fun - and I got stories. Just thought I'd say hi - I'm flattered i'm still listed as a friend on your blog links. Go Sounders! Steve P.