29 June 2009


friday we went to lafayette to visit a brewery and continue our quest to become the biggest drunks in the state.

saturday gina sold t-shirts at a beer festival and i wandered around and drank a bit and took some pictures

sunday was us/brazil and we had a fantastic 45 minutes in the bar with everyone screaming (in fact at one point i stood up and was screaming so much i nearly blacked out (so i sat back down)) but it wasn't meant to be. the 45th minute goal killed us. we could have used mike bradley or jeramaine jones or whatever that german guy's name is.


perfume: the story of a murder

was a good movie that brent recommended a way back. weird movie, sort of heavy handed, but still good stuff.

gone baby gone

is not a movie about a lady boxer. it's a movie about a kidnapping directed by ben affleck. and it took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on but all in all it was a pretty good movie.

also i bought punch out for wii last week and it's fun but my record is something like 12 wins to 56 losses. the old version didn't keep track of that... anyway, we play it the old way, controller sideways and just banging on the A and B buttons. entertaining. for a little while, anyway.

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