04 January 2009

goodbye, directv

so after putting together a spreadsheet and everything else and comparing directv to uverse and dish network, it turns out i can upgrade to two HD DVRS (from one standard tivo), keep the same soccer channels (Setanta + FSC minus GOLTV... oh well.. see ya GolTV), and pick up a bunch of HD programming for....

wait for it!

oh, $25 LESS per month.

there are equipment charges, of course, but that should add up to less than $100.

so. heads up, if you're looking.

i called directv first, looking for them to compete, because i'd rather not change, and the best they could offer me was a free hd dvr... a $200 value! except i get two for $50 with dish network (first one's free, second is $100, but there's a rebate)


there, i've freed up money for retirement.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

We've had Dish for about 5 years. Good stuff.

Jason266 said...

Getting ready to make the same jump. I'm scheduled to have Uverse installed on Jan. 28. I emailed DirecTV about working to keep me; I'm suppose to call them back. I suspected that they would do exactly what you mentioned, free new receiver, nothing else.