28 August 2008

did you know that if i drink beer at night at home it almost guarantees that i won't bike to work the next day? doesn't matter how little. except last night i had a sam smith nut brown and today i made it in on a bike.

tuesday after i got done typing a long scree on jason's blog about riding on streets vs sidewalks i rode home and encountered three idiot drivers in about a mile stretch. that very rarely happens. anyway, no harm no foul. i do a lot of headshaking though. THAT'LL TEACH EM.

it's getting dark earlier now, and when i get on the bike in the morning it's dark, so the headlight has made a reappearance. won't be long now and it'll be long tights and jackets and headlights both ways. i look forward to next year, knowing my knee is probably not going to be right then either. at least it works on the bike. that's all i can ask.

also i need to play soccer. the end.


Kelly said...

yeah, here's more ammo to the 'don't ride on 10th St' thing...


Mike said...

that's why i pack a peace sign! i just flip this youngsters the peace sign and they realize the wrongness of their ways! also what the fuck is wrong with this city.