25 August 2008

all well

the past week:

khloe's open heart surgery went well - a lot of nervousness lead up to the wednesday morning procedure but then it was all over in 2 hours and they were talking about bringing her home friday already. i'd guess she's coming home today (monday)

saturday fulham (0-1) played arsenal (1-0) at craven cottage and with a committed and organized effort pulled off the victory. i expect more of the same all year long.

also took a call on commuter bicycle selection for a friend. haven't heard how that went yet. anyway. rad.

yesterday i spent the day making vegetarian food for the week - quiche (use five eggs, skim milk, and fat free yogurt in place of the mayo), curry. I am not going vegetarian; despite not paying any attention to the nutritional values of any of it, eating this stuff makes me feel better about my diet. so.

also did a bunch of laundry, kinda watched some soccer, typed up a big list of cheese/beer pairings... and never stepped out the front door. well, once, to inflate my bike tires for the ride to work.


jason likes bicycles? here's what most fans consider to be the most perfect example -

last i had heard there was a five-six year wait if you wanted one of these... and they've probably 4-6 grand(ish?) if i'm guessing. still...

more here - vanilla bicycles

the same builder also started a second line so that the wait wouldn't be so long... not quite as handcrafted, still really excellent - speedvagen.

and if you're really into this stuff, like i am, you'll be happy to know that the north american handmade bicycle show, which is normally held in portland, because duh, is in (of all places) Indianapolis next year. I've already signed up to volunteer. Doing what, I dunno.

why is it in indy? because the guy who throws the thing wanted to move it around. and he lives here.


Jason266 said...

Hooray Khloe! Hooray heart surgeons! Hooray Fulham! Hooray curry! Hooray bike pictures! Hooray beer!

Anonymous said...

Vanilla is undeniably sex. I can't wait to see them in person.