07 April 2008


I just spent an hour or so shooting my part for next week's Across Indiana program - I'd tell you more but I'm sure you'll all be watching and I don't want to ruin it for you (Indianapolis Channel 20 Monday or Tuesday (I should have paid better attention, but I live in Tivo world) at 7:30 pm).


Brownie said...

I don't think I get the Indiana channel. Is is about getting hit by a deer while riding a bike?

Jason266 said...

Is it about living with malaria in a world that more and more hates people with malaria? GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

Mike said...

it's about the upcoming deer malaria epidemic.

you're both right.

Anonymous said...

i love that frickin show. and...i saw the host eating at India Garden in Broad Ripple. It took all my strength not to be like, "Hey! You're that guy! I love your frickin show!"