12 March 2008


3/11/08 conditions I forget. Warmer.
6.52 miles, 14.92 avg, bike delivered to gray goat.

The knee issue was immediately noticable yesterday, to the point where standing up to pedal was a major undertaking. I was going to do 30 recovery miles, but I instead decided to ride over to the bike shop to see if maybe my problem could be fixed with cleat positioning.

Brian looked me over (using lasers!) and determined that I could use a few fine adjustments (shoe insert, slight seat raise) and also told me that my knees tend to flare out at the top of the stroke, which apparently is super rare. Well, neato.

Anyway, I then left the bike at the shop for a tune-up. Best thing for patella tendonitis, which is what we're guessing it is (symptoms all match), is rest. And ice. I'm not the sort of guy that ices things unless it gets desperate.

I'll try a couple days off and see what happens.

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Kelly said...

Hey, look! You're me, except you're actually in shape! And you bike instead of get your ass kicked on roller skates!

It sucks, but rest is the best thing. it's the only thing that helped me.