10 March 2008


Monday 3/10/08 - Temps 34 feels like 25 - that's weather channels numbers... I'd say it was cold as fuck. Windy.
clothing: shoes/covers, regular socks, full length tights, base layer, ss jersey, castelli coat, helmet/helmet liner. Performance gloves with Specialized gloves over the top. I need to buy better gloves.
miles: 31.32 avg mph: 16.73 hr avg: 156 hr max: 205 cal: 1731 level: 13 Tempo development (Somewhat Hard)

For those of you following with any interest, that calorie number (1731) is based off what my heartrate monitor tells me. Not exact science, but I figure for roughly 75% (1298) of that number. Considering I've only eaten about 750 calories pre-ride, you might see how it's possible that I lost 50+ lbs on a bicycle. And then I gave some back.

Took the route from home out to Bargersville/Whiteland, criss-crossing the regular route and hitting more hills. My outside front left knee seems to be acting up a bit... probably from overdoing it? In any case, I refuse to act like an old man.

Last but not least, seems to get dark about 7:45... made it home by 8 with a peek of daylight. Might want to carry a blinkie.

Man it was fucking cold. Now to take my bath...


Brownie said...

"My outside front left knee seems to be acting up a bit"

As long as your left back knee is ok.
John McCain is at my office today, who the hell cares?

Mike said...

The Secret Service cares.

I'm going to need all these notes next year when I'm going "was if this cold? And how much was a riding?"

Anyway, the knee thing is a tendon thing. Read about it today.