26 February 2008

Who is this captain and where do his friends live.

With the email from a friend and the words "I'm afraid I'm gonna be short on days for Glacier" my vacation plans for the year came tumbling down.

We (Me, Dave, Franey, possibly Brent) were looking at Glacier National Park - a park that we all agreed we'd like to see while it still has glaciers. Brent was (probably) out pretty early - married life might mean shared vacations with a wife - but Franey (also recently married) and Dave (um.. yeah) both seemed to be in. I had a van lined up. But it never really seemed like things were coming together.


Jon Schmitt - if you're reading - if you're interested, the trip my be rescueable. Or else I think I'm going to go to Arizona, see my cousin, and ride a bike. Or something. Maybe I'll drive there.



Jonathan Schmitt said...

tell me the details...dates (sexy models preferred), other info, please. JON

Mike said...

dates are pretty wide open - if you're interested and have a timeframe that works, we can go from there... just let me know.