25 February 2008

The kids were well behaved. Thanks for asking. And then.

Got 20 miles in on the bike yesterday afternoon - 1 minute (well, 50+ second) sprint intervals - 2 sets (5 X 1), with 2 minutes recovery. Jesus am I out of shape. Seems like the temperature is fine at 30 degrees - takes 40 minutes for everything to full warm up, but after that it's not so bad. I just wear all the layers I have available to me. I think my cold weather get-up is probably ok to about 20 degrees.

Afterwards I settled into a hot bath, which got cold before I got warm. I then drained half the tub and started over, this time with the water at full hot. That seemed to work, though my feet turned a neat shade of red.

I've got a guy with racing experience looking into teams for me - we'll see how that goes.

Target weight seems to be on track so far.

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