10 January 2008

i know what the smell is

do you guys out in the warehouse think that the smell of *** doesn't stay in your clothing? because it does. i mean, annoyingly so.

i know we're pretty lax here, but jesus.


davidbhuffman said...

5 years ago today, I signed my life away.

It all started on a pit stop near Atlanta on a trip to Disney World. I was approached by a firey young man dressed in red. He had a job to do and was falling behind schedule. He offered me an intriguing proposition in which I could win a shiny metallic instrument autographed by Dave Mustaine in exchange for a short term of servitude. All I had to do was best him in a musical competition. Unbeknownst to him, I spent years in the garage at 10 Parkview Drive #6 attepting to make it big with a fiddle and beatbox band. The outcome was a foregone conclusion. And that is how I came about having no soul.

Movin' Out
Piano Man
We Didn't Start the Fire
Punch Myself in the Face

davidbhuffman said...

sorry for scaring away your readers again.

Mike said...

nice billy joel list... a little late, but nice anyway.

though Gina and I agree that movin' out is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Hi. How's the weight thing? Thought of you today when I saw this.

Mike said...


I'll get to it when the weather is better. Perhaps. I dunno.