11 July 2007

Remember Today's Special?

Of course "It was all foam" is a line my friends and I still (rarely) use today. Usually when wasting something.

When I was a kid I hated "Today's Special" but Grandma didn't have cable so I saw a lot of it. I also hated fucking Pinwheel on Nickelodeon... that show was like 7 hours long.


Mary Beth said...

Hocus pocus alamagocus?

That phrase and a magic hat apparently will bring a mannequinn to life.

I was reminiscing about that show with someone I know not too long ago, actually. My younger brother loved it. If you need to revisit this, I believe there's youtube footage somewhere said friend sent me.

Pinwheel was interminable. There were annoying puppets on it names Plus and Minus. They were possibly brothers. My younger sister loved it. I recall it being on the television when I would be home sick from school.

My Nickelodeon shows of choice were "You Can't Do That on Television" and "Mr. Wizard's World"... because I have taste. That and I think Canadians are funny.

Useless knowledge comment complete.

Mike said...

Dear Mary Beth of Athens, Georgia (I think): I had to look up the definition of interminable (having or seeming to have no end; especially : wearisomely protracted). You may know that I have a college degree, but it was a horrible college when we had no books, or rooms for that matter, the teachers were bums from the local soup kitchen, and our mascot was a tumbleweed.

Despite those factors, my college career was interminable.

Now I have to go look up what protracted means; I think it's got something to do with those plastic things they give geometry students.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike of Franeytown/Indiana/whatnot,

Yes, that was me rambling on about children's television.

In the future I will avoid words you are forced to look up.

MB of the A-T-H

PS Do you speak jive?

Mike said...

Jive? No. Pig latin? Yes.