11 July 2007

I find this thrilling

I am solely responsible for all Google results for the word "Franeytown".



davidbhuffman said...

Did you mean: Finneytown?

Some other crazy bastards already did this. I bet they have the bike ramp over the hamburger stand as well. You should sue. Damn them and they School District.

Anonymous said...

I vote for moving Franeytown to Australia. Did you know that the country is as large as the US but with 1/15th the people.

Also, Abba is huge here. I think Abba should be our town theme song. I can't name a single Abba song but I know they rock Aussie ass.

Mike said...

I think Abba did that kookaberra song we used to sing in grade school music class. And even though Abba is Swedish (I think - definitely Nordic) I think maybe they're cousins of the kangaroo. I heard that one of them was grown in a synthetic kangaroo pouch, where he/she was fed the blood of the bushman until he/she grew to full size.