10 September 2012

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So I've been at it with Rocket for a week now. Here's what I've done: Bought a laptop. Tried to buy a Compaq CarePaq system warranty/support package. My CarePaq would not register. I sent them an email to find out. So far, I've heard nothing. I attempted to set up multiple meetings with a software vendor for brewery production management software. This should finally happen tomorrow. I subscribed to the entire Adobe creative suite. Every piece. It's $50/month. We'll use it to limit our fees paid toward graphic design / logo types. I've spent 4 or 5 days at home with Adobe Illustrator CS5 Classroom in a Book. I bought it while back when I felt like teaching myself Illustrator. I did not get far. I have gotten quite a bit further now. I feel reasonably comfortable. Illustrator is not Photoshop. I know Photoshop. Friday I traveled to Fort Wayne Indiana where I played golf all day. Well actually I didn't play golf, I drove the cart and drank beer at a steady clip. I did not register to play golf, I was a late addition to the party. Next year I'll play if I can find the right foursome of folks who don't give a shit. An addition piece of software in the suite is Adobe Muse, which allows for website design without coding. Because I quit an IT job recently, I'm hoping to code very little ever again. Today I spent the entire day learning Muse. Tomorrow or the next day I'll have an entire website done. That's quite a time savings. I've also been waiting for insurance so I can ride my bike again. Sure, I could just go ride, but I don't want to press my luck. I need to put my desk together. Things will take off very soon. It's been weird not having a traditional sort of boss. So far I've just made sure to keep busy and keep learning. And so on and so forth forever and ever.

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