08 January 2012

01/02/12 - 01/08/12

Mon 01/02/12 14.83 1:03:50 Snow on the road.
Tue 01/03/12 15.00 0:55:00 It's cold outside.
Wed 01/04/12 16.00 0:55:00 Saw a deer.
Thr 01/05/12 17.50 0:00:00 Thirsty Thursday
Fri 01/06/12 13.53 0:44:37 Friday Night, Yo.
Sat 01/07/12 21.00 0:00:00 GG Saturday Urban Ride
Sun 01/08/12 17.30 0:00:00 Rode to Meijer on the SS

first time on that saturday gg ride, i was surprised and dropped w/ about 2 or so left. better next time.

noteworthy this week:

someone bought a building
took an indystar assignment on tap handles that i need to finish this week
bought a ticket to portland
everyone was talking about kafka on the shore
i ate more food than my bikeriding justified
i have a lump in my eyebrow from when i hit my head, wondering if it'll go away or if it's a skull chip

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