19 December 2011

perry steam plant

I had this idea for a series of posters based on what some might consider eyesores - the first thing that got me thinking of that was the perry plant, below, which looms over the southwest corner of downtown Indy, spewing out what might just be steam.. but the place always reminded me of Captain Planet's pollution factories - which, to be honest, I never watched Captain Planet, but I seem to remember Nate talking about pollution factories, which I think is some funny shit.

There's a building, or a couple of building in East St. Louis, that, as a kid, I always considered landmarks, despite the fact that they were half torn down. Same idea here, I guess, just buildings or places that shouldn't really be celebrated, but somehow end up that way in my head anyway.

This isn't a done thing - I really need to learn to use illustrator to do these well enough - but it is something..

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