29 June 2011

fast times at the ok corral

I'm tired of looking at that photo of myself. I've retired those jeans now. I was quite fond of them and now I hate them.

There's a pretty good chance I'd hate anything I wore in that photo shoot though. Like my glowing red head. Sunblock is your friend, but I'm trying to look old fast, and I've heard that the sun can make you look leathery. I'm thinking like guys in westerns leathery. That's a good look. I want to ride a horse and shoot people.

Here's a list of things I've started and not finished.

1) bus trip to st louis for 30 people
2) interview with a homebrew shop (months ago)
3) interview with a new brewery (week ago)
4) beer dinner (still planning)
5) bicycle training for god knows what
6) harassment of jon (not that jon, the other jon) and ted (sorta) about putting together food truck friday (complete with this poster)

i started going to the gym again this week. i have no idea why.

we've never done the whole big "spring cleaning" thing at our house. since we've owned it. i feel bad about that. not sure why.

i haven't washed my car in over a year, probably. the interior was last cleaned at the factory, i'm guessing.

i wrote a list of household things to do on the chalkboard at home. i wonder if i'll ever do any of them.

oddly enough, i feel like I am accomplishing things, though. weird.

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